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Are you interested in developing your own game, simulation or education project? What about bringing your ideas in Augmented or Virtual Realty to life?

At Magic Bytes, we have an experienced team with highly skilled programmers, story tellers and project managers who can help you develop a winning concept that incorporate the latest design techniques to fit your intended budget. Our team develops for iOS and Android mobile platforms, PC and Mac, Playstation4 and XBox One consoles. We optimize projects using Cross-Platform development tools and Scriptable Render Pipelines to cut down on development time and cost. We also take new hardware developments like the Oculus Quest into consideration when planning new projects.

After deciding on the desired final game design we’ll work with you each step of the way to start producing individual parts of the project … or the entire thing! We’ll develop a detailed Game Design Documents, a schedule, pull together the right team, keep you informed about progress and communicate with you about feedback and improvements. As an added service, after the final polishing, optimization and release, Magic Bytes can offer you maintenance services as well.


You’re an independent developer or team and need assistance in international marketing, publishing and distribution?

If you’re an independent developer or team that already created an amazing product, Magic Bytes can offer you assistance in both domestic and international marketing, publishing and distribution. We have contacts around the world and understand what it takes to successfully launch products into the international education and entertainment market.

Contact us today for details on how we can successfully position your gaming product for success … around the globe!


You need translation and country-specific localization services?

Gaming is a global industry and Magic Bytes can help you with your translation and country-specific localization services. We understand how important it is for your scripts and content to properly reflect the countries your product is going to be featured in and we have our own multinational staff of native localization professionals ready to assist.

Our team members are located in both Europe and Asia and have many years of experience in the gaming industry. We offer timely service in all major languages and know how to differentiate between varieties like Traditional or LATAM Spanish according to your target audience.

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