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Indie Galactic Space Jam
Orlando Science Center 9/27-9/29, 2019

Indie Galactic Space Jam pic1

The 6th Indie Galactic Space Jam was held this year at the Orlando Science Center and had a great turnout. It's an annual 48h game jam event where teams design space related computer games. It's hosted by Indienomicon and winners are determined by Space Florida Judges. It brings together the local Space Industry of Central Florida with determined and talented programmers, designers and people excited about space.

Indie Galactic Space Jam pic2

Magic Bytes Operating Manager, Mai Nguyen, is part of the Indienomicon team and welcomed all participants to the Orlando Science Center, where she works as an Educator as well.

Indie Galactic Space Jam pic3

Kunal Patel (middle), founder of the Orlando Game Space and initiator of Indienomicon, with his team.