Magic Bytes about us



We are an international education and entertainment game publisher powered by a wide-range network of professionals from many different areas. Together, we use the latest technology to develop video games for consoles, personal computers, tablets, mobile devices and online services; as well as designing related hardware.

We’re part of the Orlando GameSpace, a community of creative companies that collaborate on amazing new products - like the new ISS Simulator for the visitor center complex at Kennedy Space Center. 

Our objectives are to design computer games and software that are not overly violent in nature and include moral awareness, while emphasizing the educational value and great potential of new technologies, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.


 Overview Magic Bytes was founded in 2017 as a privately owned company. Prior it was an established brand since 1987.

 Location Magic Bytes is an international network of software developers, manufacturers, distributors and marketing agencies in several countries. Independent developers and representatives are currently located in Orlando, Florida and in Bielefeld, Germany.

 Management The company is lead by its CEO and Founder, Thomas Meiertoberens

 Vision Our goal is to bring creative talent, artists, skilled programmers, innovators, technology developers and marketing experts, from all over the world, together to create new exciting software and hardware that are as fun to use as they are enlightening. 


Magic Bytes started as brand of micro-partner, founded by Thomas Meiertoberens in Germany. It was first introduced in 1987 for the European computer game releases of ‘Western Games’ and 'Clever & Smart'. After signing licensing agreements for well-known comic-characters such as ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Pink Panther’,  Magic Bytes quickly became a popular brand for home computer games, particularly in Europe, Scandinavia and Australia. Some of its products became award-winning releases, featuring high rankings near the top of the charts. 


Most of its games were developed for Commodore Amiga & C64, Atari ST and Amstrad CPC, later also for PC's. A few titles were adapted for MSX and ZX Spectrum. In 1989, Magic Bytes developed, together with book publisher Falkenverlag its first educational title ‘Wall$treet’.