Uh Oh!

Are they friendly or mean? What are they here for? Your job is to find out and work with the citizens and superheroes who live in Toonworld by exploring the city - and having a blast playing a variety of games along the way.

Start with an exciting scooter chase throughout the city while you collect clues to solve your first adventure! Hint: Make sure to read the billboards as you navigate the streets - they give you valuable information!


Zombies are active at nighttime and usually travel in groups of four. Zombie numbers and groups increase the later it gets into the night. Vampires drink red blood but prefer the blue blood of aliens. Vampires can walk in sunlight during the day and feed at night. It’s always good to help aliens in distress! Irritable and angry, normal citizens can be seen causing mayhem around Toonworld. These troublemakers tend to drive convertibles.

Toonworld has great transportation - trains, planes, balloons and boats. Use them to explore and conquer a variety of games and adventures. If you're lucky, you might even fly a blimp or acquire a jetpack for your next mission.


The Industry District has a variety of factories and other places where Toonworld’s residents go to work.
Aliens like to take railways apart and it’s your job to put them back together! Be careful though, as the aliens are particularly interested in snooping around here to obtain spaceship parts, in addition to new technologies and machines to help them create the bubblegum needed to get back home.

Construction toons are active in the daytime and can be seen digging holes, moving equipment, and on scaffolding. Help them to find missing equipment taken by the aliens!


All superhero toons are required to participate in training of their powers. Because things can get out of control easily, training is done at remote desert locations! Learn how to drive jeeps on sand dunes, improve laser targeting or navigate with jetpacks through an obstacle course with many challenges! Your training will be helpful to control your special powers. Increase your morality score by assisting aliens!


Back to nature in a beautiful scenery with camping, boating, lakes and mountains. Some toons like to disturb the peace with car and boat racing. Hear the roar of a classic Mustang driving up the ramp and jumping over the river. Or participate in a car race on the scenic drive through the park! Teach city toons, landlubbers or aviators the skills of seamanship on the water. Attention, some will need rescue after their boat turns over in this unforgiving wilderness.

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Smoke & Mirrors VR is an interactive virtual reality experience. Become the magician and experience what it is like to be on a stage performing various feats of prestidigitation. Experience the thrill, abilities and events that only a real magician would experience in real life but in virtual reality!

A trick is a lie — that’s totally true — but a great trick is a beautiful lie. The best magic tricks stoke a battle between your brain and your heart. You’re watching it, you know it’s not magic, you know in your head that no one is a real magician, but you see something so beautiful that moves you in your chest.

Magic ignores the rules of reality just like VR does, reality tells us what can’t be done where magic (and VR) reminds us what can be done.


Music City Fever! is being developed as a Virtual Reality experience with a focus on high energy movement, playability and fun! It combines different genres of music effortlessly in a unique experience that can be user enhanced with up-loadable tracks.

Step into the days of prohibition, speakeasies, swanky music clubs, and the Jazz age. Visit New York’s legendary nightspot, the Cotton Club. In these days, the Charleston was the latest dance craze and once we teach you the steps, you’ll be challenged to do your best version in the hottest gin joint downtown!

America’s youth gave birth to a new genre of music in the 50’s. Different, rebellious and loud, Rock ‘n Roll broke onto the scene and was here to stay! Head to your favorite diner and listen to participate in a Karaoke competition around the jukebox.

Germany had a huge influence on the music scene with the emergence of the New Wave movement of the 80’s. Born out of Punk Rock and Electro Pop, it was raw with often a unique, synthetic vibe to it. Visit a disco in midnight Berlin and create your own electrifying techno beats.