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Otronicon 2020
Orlando Science Center 1/17-1/20, 2020

Otronicon2020 MagicBytes 1


Our first public presentation of our Toonworld demo on Oculus Quest happened at Otronicon 2020 in the Orlando Science Center - We received great positive feedback! Otronicon is a yearly showcase of resources available through collaboration between educational institutions, the tech and manufacturing communities of Central Florida.

More info and a video of Toonworld here:

Otronicon MagicBytes 2


Our presentation of our updated Gaming & Computer Lab at Otronicon 2020 in the Orlando Science Center was a tremendous success. There's a lot of interest in Physical Computing with Scratch and Raspberry Pi. Our modified Windows10 version of Scratch3 can control GPIO Pins remotely over WIFI. Code in Scratch on your own Windows10 Computer and start exciting experiments with electronics!

• Create exciting STEM experiments with sensors, electronic switches, servo motors and LED's
• Combine your experiments with Lego® Boost, Lego® Powered Up Train or Lego® Mindstorms®
• Add Amazon® Text to Speech or Google® Translation to your projects
• Learn Coding, Game Design, Physical Computing, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
• Add a large LED Matrix for displaying data, pixel art, RSS feeds and more


Otronicon MagicBytes 3

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Indie Galactic Space Jam
Orlando Science Center 9/27-9/29, 2019

Indie Galactic Space Jam pic1

The 6th Indie Galactic Space Jam was held this year at the Orlando Science Center and had a great turnout. It's an annual 48h game jam event where teams design space related computer games. It's hosted by Indienomicon and winners are determined by Space Florida Judges. It brings together the local Space Industry of Central Florida with determined and talented programmers, designers and people excited about space.

Indie Galactic Space Jam pic2

Magic Bytes Operating Manager, Mai Nguyen, is part of the Indienomicon team and welcomed all participants to the Orlando Science Center, where she works as an Educator as well.

Indie Galactic Space Jam pic3

Kunal Patel (middle), founder of the Orlando Game Space and initiator of Indienomicon, with his team.


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Raspberry Pi 4 Update for Gaming & Computer Lab

Gaming & Computer Lab


The Raspberry Pi 4 has been released and it's a great upgrade to the previous model. It's re-engineered, more powerful and finally the latest version of Scratch can run on the Raspberry Pi. The bigger block size makes dragging blocks on our touch screen even better. There're new functions build into Scratch3 and we're working on new tutorials and more experiments in Physical Computing!

Check for our new product video and more details here:

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New Toonworld Animation Video

Toonworld pic1


Check our latest Toonworld Demo with many animated toons! We're currently working on the first level and release is planned for Summer 2020. Here's a link to the video and more information:

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STEM EXPO 2019 Orange Technical College 2/15/2019

OTC STEM EXPO 2019 pic1

Hundreds of Orange County middle and high school students came to the annual STEM EXPO being held at the Mid Florida Campus of Orange Technical College in South Orlando. It was great to see so many students getting excited about Scratch and Physical Computing. This was our first public presentation of the 'Gaming & Computer Lab' and feedback has been very positive from a lot of students and teachers as well.

Over 130 students participated in our 'Enter to Win' drawing. Congratulations to all winners!


OTC STEM EXPO 2019 pic2

OTC STEM EXPO 2019 pic3

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